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Dear Friend

This upcoming Wednesday, the third of Iyar April 22 2015, will be Memorial Day in Eretz Yisrael in remembrance of the martyrs who fell in Eretz Yisrael over the last few decades. Unfortunately we reached the number of 23,320 dead – may God have mercy upon us.

The enactors of law in Eretz Yisrael established that all citizens in Eretz Yisrael by law are commanded to stand and remain silent during the siren and moment of silence at the beginning of Memorial day which will be at 8:00 pm (Israel Time), and then again during the two minutes of silence at 11:00 am (Israel Time).

Behold, it is known what our holy teacher the Ari (Rabbi Isaac Luria) taught us that: The main merit for the existence of the Jewish People during this difficult exile, is because of the merit of those Jews that throughout all the generations died as martyrs. Therefore we say everyday in beginning of Shachris the verse “O God of vengeance, Hashem; O God of vengeance, appear! Arise, O Judge of the earth, render retribution to the haughty.” And we have in mind during this verse to arouse and awaken the power and merit of these martyrs. With the power and remembrance of this prayer we arouse the merit of those martyrs that were killed. The Holy Ari further explains: Only in the merit and the power of those Tzaddikim that died as martyrs, and the merit of remembering them gives us the ability to recite the following verse, “Hashem reigns, Hashem has reigned, Hashem shall reign forever and ever.”

Come friends, let us awaken ourselves as well, and read the following letter, and join the initiative together, and take advantage of the 3 minutes of the siren and silence.

Especially that during those 3 minutes there is no sound all over Eretz Yisrael  of slander and gossip, no profanity and swearing and all the like…

In order to remove from the hearts of the ‘Sadducees’ and ‘Boethusians’ of our time, the ‘Zionist sect’, whom already wrecked havoc in many Jewish souls, we should transform the moments of the siren and silence to a time of prayer. We will reveal our opinion, that by standing silently during the time of the siren, God Forbid, is a way of honoring the holy martyrs, rather honoring and remembering the holy martyrs is by praying a silent prayer from the depth of our hearts at the moments of the siren and silence.

And during those 3 priceless minutes, we shall join together for the prayer of millions – together, along with the merit of the holy martyrs that were killed – and pray with all our heart for the redemption of the lives of all the children of Israel all over the world.

God Avenge Their Blood


Memorial Day – the day of remembrance for the fallen soldiers of Israel and victims of terrorism – is approaching.

This Memorial Day we shall remember those 23,320 martyrs that were killed since the early settlement in Eretz Yisrael.



Come along and make an effort to do something much more effective, spiritual, and more meaningful during the siren and moment of silence.

Think for a moment:


We have three minutes… All over Eretz Yisrael… Once a year… That during these three minutes everyone is silent, and do not speak anything negative… No words of ‘defamation’, ‘gossip’ and ‘hate’, no ‘lies’, no ‘obscenity’ or ‘controversy’…

Come then, and transform these three wonderfull minutes to:

Three minutes of a silent deep and pure scream

To the Creator of the entire world

To hurry our salvation and redemption


And what do I mean?


In cooperation with each and every one of you, we will cause a situation in Israel and throughout the entire world, that during the 3 minutes of the siren and silence, all sons and daughters of Israel, wherever they are … Will be united together …

Together we will all concentrate with a silent prayer…!!!


This silent prayer is to focus on only one thing:

Saving the Jewish Nation – Spiritually and Physically… and for the Complete Redemption and Salvation!!!



Listen carefully; there is potential for tremendous, great and awesome gain… from this initiative…

We can make millions of people united together… at one time: Three minutes of prayer from millions of people!!! A silent prayer that will penetrate the heavens… And that will go higher and higher to the heights of heaven…


We will succeed in this, even with matters regarding ‘Bein Adam L’Chaveiro – Between Man and Friend’ – because by doing so we will remove once and for all the mistaken impression that majority of religious and observant Jews disregard the sanctity of those killed in the holocaust and all the fallen causalities of Israel… We will also succeed in matters regarding ‘Bein Adam L’Makom – Between Man and God’ – because by doing so we will create a unique reality… of an enormous prayer… For duration of three minutes!!! A prayer from all sons and daughters of Israel all over the world!!! For the salvation of all Israel!!!



If any of you observant and religious, has a suspicion, that there is some halachic problem with this?


The answer is:

Also according to the Rabbinical authorities of the orthodox community (amongst them Rav Shlomo Zalmen Auerbach and Rav Ovadia Yosef) it became clear that there is no halchic prohibition of the procedure of the siren and moment of silence of following in the paths of goyim… because this prohibition is only when there is no meaning to the custom and law… this procedure of the siren and moment of silence certainly has reason, and that is: To remember and to get everyone else to remember all those holy and pure martyrs, and to be aware of the death of all those holy martyrs of the Jewish Nation. To commemorate, and by thus we try to transform their death to a situation of merit, that their merit should protect us now and forever…


Yehi Ratzon – May it be the will of God:

That in the merit of this awakening – And together with the merit of the holy and pure who were killed, slaughtered, burned, hanged, stoned and tortured throughout the entire history of the Jewish People – we shall all have a salvation from everything!!!


Anyone that has the ability to translate this message, to any language…

And to publicize and distribute in any way for the public –

will be blessed from up above!

He will acquire a great privilege and tremendous merit from the operation of:

3 minutes of prayer, of millions of sons and daughters of Israel, all over the world … For our Complete Redemption and Salvation!!!

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