DWQA QuestionsKnow One Person's Original Character from the Letters
kainan asked 10 months ago
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In fact the personality of one person can be found from the first letter of the name of one person. No need to use hand lines or card predictions, knowing the first letter of a person’s name, a personality test can be done. Each person’s name has a meaning of each other, and the first letter of the name can be used for personality tests
Quoted from the site astrospeak.com the first letter of the name can reveal one person’s original character. Below is the breakdown of the original character of a person witnessed from the first letter of his name, complete 26 letters from letters A to Z 1. Letter A People may look at you as being rude and selfish, but you understand. You understand what you want in your life.
You still want to be in advance and do not want to be led. Intelligence and comedy  are interesting boy names for one person, even though physical appearance is also important to you. You are a practical and smart type of person who makes wise choices.
2. Letter B
You are someone who likes to take care of your personal life. You like to exchange gifts and be pampered. You’re one of the most sensitive people and want people to respect your feelings. You want a partner who is loving and wants to experiment.
3. Letter C
You are a social person. It’s important for you to be accepted in the midst of citizens, and what you can do. As for your partner, you want one person who is attractive and handsome. You want one person who respects you and gives you special treatment.
You have strong control over your will and your dreams.
4. Letter D
People might look at you as being stubborn and selfish.
But it has become your character to try to get something that you enjoy doing.
You are a gentle and caring person. You are loyal, possessive, and intensive in relationships.
However, you cannot stand eccentric and unusual behavior.
You want a partner who is loving and caring.
5. Letter E
You live with your brain and your brain needs conversation and a good book for food.