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Jeannine Griffin asked 6 months ago

A college graduate broke down in tears as she revealed her struggle to adjust to her new nine-to -five work schedule in her first proper job. 

Brielle, who lives in New Jersey, shared that she was struggling to find time to have a life outside of her four-hour round commute and her long work days.

In a video which garnered more than 1.5 million views, the graduate said that she had neither the time or energy to cook or shower after arriving home.

The content creator added: ‘Nothing to do with my job at all, but just like the 9-5 schedule in general is just crazy.’

Many people flooded the comments in support of the young woman who works in marketing, with several calling for a four-day work week.

Brielle (pictured), who moved to New Jersey for her first job after college, became emotional as she shared how she felt overwhelmed with her four-hour round commute and work schedule

Brielle landed her role after five months of searching and sending out ‘hundreds’ of applications daily.

The young woman explained she had no option but to move to New Jersey for her New York-based job, because she couldn’t afford sky-rocketing rent prices in the city.

The teary-eyed woman divulged it took ‘f****ng forever’ to get to and from her workplace, admitting that it would be easier if she lived within walking distance.

Brielle continued: ‘I leave here and get on the train at like 7.30am and I don’t get home until 6.15pm earliest. I don’t have the time to do anything.’

In a later video, she told her TikTok following of around 118,800, that sometimes she does not make it home until 7.30pm.

‘I want to shower, eat my dinner and go to sleep. I don’t have the time or energy to cook my dinner either,’ added Brielle.

‘I don’t have energy to work out, like that’s out of the window. I’m so upset. Oh my god.’

Balancing work and personal life would be easier if she worked from home, according to the graduate.

The content creator stressed that she doesn’t have the energy to cook dinner after a long day at work 

She reflected that it ‘could be worse,’ stating: ‘I know I could be working longer, but I get off and it’s literally pitch black, like I don’t have energy.’ 

The stressed woman branded herself as ’emotional’ and ‘dramatic’ for worrying about how she would make time for her a personal life, such as dating and maintaining friendships, outside of her first job. 

But many viewers flocked to the comments sharing how they too were battling to grapple with their work-life balance.

One person wrote: ‘It’s so repetitive and depressing. I feel you girl,’ while another chimed in: ”Five days of work and two days off feels like hell, honestly.’

Others called for a shorter work week, with an individual suggesting: ‘Gen Z need to collectively move up into management positions and then collectively enforce the four day work week.’

Another commenter added: ’40 hour work week was designed with a homemaker to take care of house tasks.

‘We need dual incomes now, so that’s not possible. No time for anything.’

One person quipped: ‘The other generations have gaslit themselves to say this was ok.’

Some offered their empathy, noting: ‘You’re not alone it’s insane how legit your entire day is gone.’

One commuter of 30-years turned remote shared how they would ‘never ever go back’ to the office, saying: ‘Life is so much better working from home.’

But not everyone was sympathetic towards the graduate’s newly found plight, with certain onlookers welcoming her to ‘the real world’ and ‘adulthood’.

Many users flooded the comments with support for the grad, some were even calling for a four-day working week. However not everyone was sympathetic, with many welcoming her to ‘adulthood’ and the ‘real world’

One person jibbed: ‘You could always quit and join the military,’ whilst another viewer wrote: ‘Imagine having kids too to come home to after that!’

In a later video, Brielle described herself as ‘lucky’ and ‘thankful’ to land the role so soon after college, acknowledging how much more difficult her schedule would be with children or pets. 

Discussing working parents, the graduate said: ‘I give so much grace to them  because it is incredibly hard in America to be emotionally and mentally stable when your days are structured like that.’

She divulged that she wasn’t prepared for the nine to five schedule due to studying remotely in both high school and partly in college during the Covid-pandemic.

Brielle finished off the video by stating America needed to change its current nine-to-five schedule.

‘It’s not fair the only people that are benefitting are people who run the corporations,’ said the content creator. 

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