DWQA QuestionsHere Mainly Understand the Behavior and Character of Others in Life
ziso asked 10 months ago
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One of the steps to bind the knowledge that has been obtained, for me personally by writing back. Because with writing, that knowledge will be eternal and when we are in a state of down because of that we can read the knowledge that we have found through the writing that we make.
Some time ago, I just participated in a training on soft skills improvement held in my office in the South Jakarta area.
There are some interesting things that I will share in this opportunity article. The training that I attended was related to “Service From Heart.” The two-day training course truly opened my eyes and thoughts about how to behave well with humans.
In this training, reviewed about how to understand the feelings, attitudes, and characters between each other. The point is, so that no miscommunication that results in tails so ineffective one job in a company.
This kind of knowledge may seem trivial, seem insignificant, compared to learning other sciences. But if we dig deeper, knowledge about understanding the behavior of others is important in everyday life.
Okay, I want a few simple steps to know the rangkaian nama bayi perempuan behavior of some people in the company. Sometimes we and our superiors must have different opinions, different understandings. As well as teammates in our office we are inclined to fight, miscommunication, hard to understand, and many are among the partners. The reason is, because we don’t yet know the “master color” that exists in all of us. Color? What color am I aiming for? DOPE Personality is a personality test that is confirmed based on the characteristics and characteristics of 4 birds: Dove (Dove), Owl (Owl), Peacock (Peacock), and Eagle (Eagle).