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About the Game:
Join the exciting game that combines strategy and entertainment features. You will manage more than 100 beautiful anime girls
Girls X Battle 2 Mod APK (Unlimited Money) Download. Ladies X Combat 2 is an idle RPG game in which you must lead a squad of gorgeous anime girls into battle to win.

Why don’t you try Girls X Battle 2 Mod APK ? What is in Girls X Battle 2? Of course, being an idle game, battles in Girls X Battle 2 will inevitably occur. All of this happens without the player’s participation, including fighting opponents and utilizing skills. The fight itself is turn-based, so the player and the opponent will take turns attacking, and when the chance to exploit the death moment arises, they will immediately take advantage of it. If you want to make the game more fascinating, you may use Girls X Battle 2 Mod APK, which will be of great assistance to you. You will receive Unlimited Gems as well as VIP Unlock 13 benefits. These Gems may also be used to purchase Unlimited Coins. Both may be used to purchase further goods. What makes Girls X Battle 2 so enjoyable? Simple battles for you. The most important feature of Girls x Combat 2 is that all of the matches are hands-free,” meaning that all you have to do is send your young women into battle, and they will take care of the rest. In any case, get odd stuff, and when you are unconnected, make strange rigging to enchant you. A lot of beautiful young ladies. You may order a variety of beautiful young ladies. There are more than a few characters in the Japanese Anime style. Fight, young women, they will all be under your command. Every lady has a unique narrative to talk about her life experiences and exceptional abilities. You may discover out what each character enjoys doing and dress them up in stunning clothes to enhance their flying characteristics. A variety of highlights await you. There is a lot of game clips waiting for you. A variety of highlights await you, including an investigation of the highest floor, a test, a challenge, a manager conflict, and so on. These highlights will aid you in improving your chances of being the No. 1 in your area. Girls may be found at a variety of places, including Market, Girls Store, Select, and others. Set up your army with your friends. Companion up with your friends, and conquer the land. Set up your army with your friends, combat organization managers, and start developing new ideas for your girls. Regular society wars will be your most visible opportunity to exhibit your company’s worth in the community! If you prefer PVP, join the organization battle and level up your character. Characters battling. Players will be able to witness their heroes’ fighting opponents on campus outside of Story Mode. Whether the player is playing or not, this fight occurs automatically. With a maximum time, restriction of 10 hours, this automated combat will create money, EXP Juice, Experience, and different goods that may be claimed by players. There are many aspects in Girls X Battle 2 that make the game complicated, such as the character promotion function, character transfer feature, Internships to earn money, Quiz, Challenges, and other elements that may be examined carefully. Online and offline mode. Despite being a free-to-play idle game, Girls X Battles 2 must be played online. Even if you lose your connection while playing, the game will complain about it and may kick you out. Players may make friends from all around the globe, join the League, join the Guild, battle other players, and rise to the top of the world with this online function. Of course, there is a microtransaction in this game, which allows you to purchase a Monthly Pass, Mini Pass, or premium money. 2D artwork Girls X Battle 2 looks fantastic on your smartphone because of its anime-style artwork. Each character is portrayed by beautiful 2D artwork, but when they battle, they take on an adorable Chibi form. How to play Girls X Battle 2 APK. What a player may do is choose the members of his or her team. A party in Girls X Battle 2 comprises two characters in the front row and four in the rear row. Front-row characters operate as front-liners, whereas characters in the rear row have more powerful assaults. In Girls X Battle 2, each character has a level.