Ava Kershaw asked 7 months ago

Hello everyone, today I will show you one very interesting tool with which you can create a good flood of messages to your GMAIL email.

Flood is a stream of meaningless and/or similar messages in an Internet chat, on a forum, or in correspondence. The word came into Russian Internet slang from English, where flood literally means “flood, deluge.” At the same time, the English word is pronounced differently – “flood”. Flooding means writing too much, flooding the conversation with the same unnecessary information.

✅ I Provide services for flooding emails, flooding calls and SMS

✅ Any operator. Any country.

✅ Ability to flood several numbers at the same time.

✅ Flood of multi-channel numbers.

✅ Flood mail.

✅ Individual discounts for long-term orders.

✅ Mail flood $2 = 1000 letters (70% inbox)

Always sends more than you order!


To order a flood to your phone, write to me in a personal message.

Channel: @floodservice

✅ Flood mail can be ordered through the bot @floodservice_bot

$2 = 1000+ emails / time you specify.

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✅ Flood mail can be ordered through the telegram bot @floodservice_bot

MAIL FLOOD BOT: @floodservice_bot
One of a kind!✅

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