DWQA QuestionsComplete Information Regarding Customer Behavior
hana asked 10 months ago
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Customer Behavior or Consumer Behavior is a matter that refers to the behavior exhibited by individuals when they buy, consume or use a separate product or service. This behavior can be controlled by several elements. Beyond that, it includes product tracking, studying products where the customer evaluates several features, purchases, and consumes the product. Furthermore, the behavior of the purchase when the product is studied which shows the pleasure or disappointment of customers which includes the use of the product
Customers buy products through many steps. The study of customer behavior helps understand how the purchase decision is made and how they look for the product. Beyond that, the view of customer behavior helps the seller to know what, where, when, how and why to consume the product consumption takes place. This helps the seller or organization know the facts behind the purchase of the product by the customer and how it gives them satisfaction.
Mainly Customer Behavior for business managers
The important direction behind product marketing is to fulfill the desires and wishes of the customer. A study of customer behavior helps to reach this direction. Because customers are very important people for sales, sales staff, and the company. Therefore it is important for them to take into account the things that customers enjoy doing, so that they can prepare goods and services that are in accordance with. More careful analysis helps in more precise estimates of the behavior of any customer product or service. The study of customer behavior helps operational management for example: business managers, sales staff, and marketers with it.
To make the best product or service that fully meets the needs and desires of the customer.
To decide where the service or product will be for easy customer access.
Ensure the price at which the customer will be ready to buy the product or service.
To know the best promo way that will be proven efficient to attract loyal consumers to buy products.
Understand why, when, how, what and other elements that influence the decision to buy from customers.
Mainly Customer Behavior for Sales
It is important for sales or sellers to learn about customer behavior. It is also important for them to know that customers are individuals or groups who choose, buy, or use products and services. how they share their experiences to satisfy their will or needs. This helps sales to investigate and understand how customers behave so that they can place their products in a planned group of individuals or individuals.
Related to marketers’ thinking, they see if the basic direction of marketing is selling goods and services to more people so that more profit can be made. The principle of producing profits is still applied by most sellers. Initially, several successful rangkaian nama bayi laki laki sales reached their direction. However, today, because customers are more aware about the use of products and other information from the product, it is not easy to sell or attract loyal consumers to buy products. So, to sell a product or service or to give customers confidence to buy a product, some sales must go through appropriate research to win the hearts of some customers.